Our Partners' Paths Volume 1: A tribute to those giving this season

December 9, 2020

Pure Goodness--from our partners' hearts, to ours, to yours. For all of us walking this earth.A Note on Making This VideoWe did not have plans for any videos this holiday season–primarily because we were stretched capacity-wise. And then, in mid November, we brought the Executive Director from one of our nonprofit partners onto an all-hands with one of our companies. And, it just clicked. For everyone. All parties left that interaction feeling more full, grateful, and compassionate for the work of the others.I think in some form, we've always felt lucky to work alongside the partners we do. But something recently has heightened and deepened our feelings of awe for their way of showing up. As we launched Receiever's Journey this summer (our 3+ year committment to nonprofit partners and the kids they serve), we developed a new intimacy with our partners. The relationship was now so much more than special gifts two times a year, and we spent a lot of time exploring how service models did or did not align. A big piece of that was exploring our "theories of change" and sharing why we each did what we did. Through that process and many conversations, we began to really see behind the curtain. And it left us in admiration of these people and with reverance for the work they do.It is in that spirit that we share this first video and the stories below. We sometimes feel that our partners are hidden angels, spread across the nation, dressed as nonprofit directors, admins, and program managers. There is a feeling we get when we watch them work, and we're hoping all of this shares some of that with you. This is the first of hopefully many stories we will tell together. Thank you for being here and taking it in.---Meet some of our partnersMonica BoomerOrg: Zaman InternationalTitle: Chief Impact OfficerLocation: Inkster, MI"What the donors are giving is an experience. It’s that child having something to open on Christmas. It’s that mom, that dad being able to sit and watch their kid open something. You are giving them dignity, you are giving them wholeness as a human being. You are giving them a fullness of the human experience"Marlon MontgomeryOrg: Agape Youth and Family CenterTitle: Director of ProgramsLocation: Atlanta, GA"If there was just one message that I could give every single child that we get a chance to touch here, it is: you are valued, you are loved, and you have a purpose . . . For me, it's always been about helping people realize that life is a gift."Bronica GloverOrg: Greater Enrichment ProgramTitle: Executive DirectorLocation: Charlotte, NC"It's not about just getting tangible things. . . it's the thought: someone other than my immediate family cares about me. That small kind gesture of you clicking on a button is going to make the biggest difference in a child and their parents’ lives. It means that someone in the world cares enough to bring joy."Atom MurphyOrg: Louisville Youth GroupTitle: Grants and Volunteer Logistics CoordinatorLocation: Louisville, KY"I joined Louisville Youth Group when I was 13 years old. So I have been with the organization for over eight years. It's a core element of how I grew up. The only reason that I'm smart and capable and proud of myself and have the courage to be myself is because of the mentors and the experiences that I have had with LYG. I've been in their shoes, I know what they're going through."Laura PhillipsOrg: I Grow ChicagoTitle: Born to Thrive ManagerLocation: Chicago, IL"When you give on Daymaker, you give a dream of something a kid can be or do or share with other people. That is what really makes a difference. Giving is foundational to everything in life. . . I show up every day because I believe that there is so much love for me to receive. And there's so much love for me to give back"Diana “D.D.” Yazzie DevineOrg: Native American ConnectionsTitle: President & CEOLocation: Phoenix, AZ“COVID has really brought to light the health inequities, the racial inequities, the social inequities, the cultural inequities. Black and brown communities don't want to go back to normal. We need to focus on systemic change and create a new normal that is inclusive.”Wande Okunoren-MeadowsOrg: Hand, Heart and Soul ProjectTitle: Executive DirectorLocation: Forest Park, GA"I come from a middle class family that gave me access. So I had access to, quote unquote, 'a good education.' I had access to the arts, traveling, nutritious food. I had access to all of that. You can't just not see that. Like once you see it, like once you've been exposed, then to see children who have not been exposed, you can't just not see that."Melody ValdesOrg: United South End SettlementsTitle: Coaching ManagerLocation: Boston, MA"When our families get together, when our parents are learning from each other, when they're motivating each other, they really start making powerful progress. I remember seeing kids whose parents were going back to school and them saying, 'I have to do my homework, just like my mom is doing my homework.' It's recognizing that those small changes have big ripple effects"Caroline RobinsonOrg: Overbrook Educational CenterTitle: Community School CoordinatorLocation: Philadelphia, PA"We want everyone to be all that they can ever dream of. Because our whole community would be better for it. The world would be better for it. It's not passing something down and stepping away. That's not how we do it. It's stepping in and supporting your neighbor because they do the same for you."Felix StiggersOrg: Hope FarmTitle: Program DirectorLocation: Forth Worth, TX"Yeah, so growing up, the thing about growing up in poverty: you don't know that you're growing up in poverty. Because everybody around you is in a similar boat. It's not really until you're older, and you start realizing more things. You start maturing, you start asking those questions. Oh, so-and-so has a father? So-and-so gets to go on this trip? How come I don't get to go on this trip? You know, because mom has to work all the time. She's done this by herself. . . I don't think I realized that I was black or underprivileged until Middle School."Chelsea TibbittsOrg: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant CountyTitle: Senior Director of Advancement OperationsLocation: Forth Worth, TX"So what people might not realize, if they're sitting in a corporate office, and they're thinking about spending 100 bucks on holiday gifts for kids, is the way these gifts brings kids and families back. Maybe the only reason they came to a Boys and Girls Club is to pick up holiday gifts that day. But they might keep coming back. And because they keep coming back, maybe they're the first kid in their family to graduate from high school. They might even be the first person in their family to learn how to read. It translates to breaking generational cycles."Teddy FeldmannOrg: CityTeamTitle: Community Outreach CoordinatorLocation: Oakland, CA"I show up because I'm one of those people. I'm one of those people that was overlooked and forgotten. This organization gave me back my life. And it helped me become who I am. I show up every day, because I am grateful for everything that this organization does. They not only saved my life, but I see them saving countless people's lives."Frédérique ClermontOrg: Friends of the Children - SF Bay AreaTitle: Director of ProgramsLocation: San Francisco, CA"A child who walks into our program first sees us as a transactional thing, but then we start to be this bridge. It doesn't matter if they have a good day, it doesn't matter if they cancel on us. We're still around. So a kid starts to appreciate that we're just consistent, and we're there on good days or bad days. . . we're talking about changing generational poverty"Marcus ScurryOrg: CAMBATitle: Program DirectorLocation: Brooklyn, NY"There's moments that we’re given. To bless others, to be of service. I hope that the donors realize that that they're making an impact . . . understanding what it feels like to give back, what it feels like to have a heart. Because at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. You want to max out humanity. You want to give everything to life."--If you've found your way here beyond one of our company partners and are curious what our partners' work looks like in action, visit Daymaker's Friends and Family Page to see profiles and wish lists.

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