Connections: An update from Zaman International and Daymaker

May 11, 2021

During the 2020 Holiday giving campaign with Daymaker, donors gave generously to children supported by local nonprofits across the country.The Daymaker team has met with our partners this spring, collecting input and feedback on how we can improve in the future. Below we are thrilled to share an update from Zaman International, highlighting how the year has progressed for the families they serve and how the Daymaker campaign has impacted their service delivery:---During our 2020 Holiday giving campaign with Daymaker, donors gave generously to children supported by local nonprofits.The Daymaker team wanted to share an update on how the spring has gone for the children, and the joy and growth you helped inspire. See below for a note highlighting Zaman International, one of Daymaker's core nonprofit partners: During the pandemic in 2020, Zaman International distributed 370,000 pounds of food - doubling their 2019 distribution. The vast needs have continued into 2021. The pandemic has also revealed new inequities around educational access for Zaman's families — both children and adults. To address these needs, Zaman has provided wifi to families, created an open working space in their Hope for Humanity Center, and provided more flexible course offerings for their vocational students.During the pandemic in 2020, Zaman International distributed 370,000 pounds of food - doubling their 2019 distribution.Zaman began by helping refugees largely from Iraq coming into the the Detroit area. Presently, Zaman has a large African American population in addition to the West Asian refugee population they are serving. The organization's services are open to everyone with a particular focus on women with children living well below the poverty line. Most of their families make below $10,000 a year as Detroit ranks amongst the poorest cities in the United States.Zaman International now operates out of its Hope for Humanity Center, a 40,500 square foot building that consolidated the organization's six operating locations into one facility that serves all of Zaman’s clients from across Dearborn, Detroit, Hamtramck, Taylor, and Wyandotte. This move allows them to host vocational and literacy programs in-house as well as create new production jobs related to sewing and culinary arts.Donor support of their mission and families through Daymaker, contributed to Zaman's efforts to support their clients' entire family unit through holistic, wrap-around services. Daymaker's gifts arrived specially wrapped and featured the variety of play-based educational materials as well as interest-specific toys and books donors purchased from their holiday wishlists.Monica, Zaman International's Chief Impact Officer, shared: "One of the children that was supported by Daymaker through Zaman is autistic. His mother informed us how the toys provided to him helped work on his problem solving skills and provided visual stimulation."Monica elaborated, "What's more - to give moms the opportunity to provide these items and experiences for their kids respects her own dignity as a parent, as well."All people, especially children, need play for intellectual and socio-emotional growth, as well as identity development and cultural awareness. Together, you, your co-workers, and our Daymaker team, were able to address this critical need that is often de-prioritized or overlooked due to the urgency of physiological needs such as food and shelter. We are grateful to be in the position to spark and extend joy for our nonprofit partners and their communities, and we are grateful for your contributions and collaboration in this work!Zaman International's mission is to facilitate change and advance the lives of marginalized women and children, by enabling them to meet essential needs common to all humankind. We encourage you to learn more information about Zaman and the communities they serve by visiting their website.

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