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our mission is to share the joy of creating possibilities for children

founding story

Uncovering Our Innate Love for One Another

Daymaker originated with a project the founding team created in years ago while at the University of North Carolina.

The feeling then, as bright-eyed 19-year olds, is the thread that remains today: something more is possible in how we create connection through generosity. Daymaker isn’t “charity” the way we’ve come to know it as a society. The dollars, the gifts, the programs funded--those matter. And equally impactful is the light, potential, and goodness that giver and receiver see in each other through the act of giving.

In that spirit, giving becomes a vehicle for us to feel interdependence and shared humanity while shifting resources to those who need them. It becomes a way for us to experience being a part of something larger than ourselves. Giving in the Daymaker story–simply put– is a pathway to healing and kinship.

Products we curate

Wherever possible, we prioritize diverse representation and source from independent, Black & Brown, and women-owned businesses

Over 300 different products
Items that expand horizons
Tailored to the unique age and interests of kids we serve


Wireless earbuds and phone accessories

Sports Equipment

Outdoor play items

STEAM Activity Kits

Sparking technical skills and inspiration

Puzzles & Boardgames

High quality play-based learning


Over 150 total book titles for each campaign!

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people of daymaker

Meet our team!

Tia O'Connor

Director of Company Partnerships

Atlanta, GA
March 21

Tia leads Daymaker's work with companies, helping originate and deliver our partnerships. Tia has always had a passion for helping people and a desire to do meaningful work in her career and be part of a company making a difference in the world. Prior to Daymaker she was a Customer Success Manager at athenahealth. In her youth, Tia enjoyed endless bike rides through her neighborhood, playing hide-and-seek with her cousins, family vacations and staycations, and assembling home furniture with her Dad. When reflecting on her childhood, she understands how those memories shaped her and is super excited to help make wonderful memories for the kids that we work with.

Thomas Doochin

Founder & Board Member

Black Mountain, NC
May 15

Thomas is a co-founder of Daymaker, former CEO, and ongoing Chief Believer. He started Daymaker (then CommuniGift) as a student at the University of North Carolina with the core belief that giving to another can help us experience our mutual connection amidst a world that often tells a story of separation. We asked Thomas' parents for some input about him as a kid - 'Thomas always had a big heart for giving, loved fire trucks and sports, and loved being in charge.'

Terron Ferguson

Legal Counsel

Miami, FL
June 19

Terron provides counsel and strategic advice to corporate and nonprofit clients. He's worked as a death penalty attorney at the Equal Justice Initiative (Montgomery, AL), a special education teacher with Teach For America, and was selected as a German Chancellor Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. As a kid growing up in sunny Miami, Florida, he'd play outside with rollerblades and hockey equipment, reenacting scenes from his favorite movie, "The Mighty Ducks".

Robbie Weber

Software Engineer

Brooklyn, NY
July 27

Robbie is part of team software engineering at Daymaker and has been ensuring the technical parts move forward since October 2020. He had been part of several other tech teams when L.D asked if he wanted to join a movement that’s really making a difference, and he agreed without a moment's hesitation. As a kid, he enjoyed building models, playing sports in the park, or nerding out with his buddies over the newest video game craze (he secretly still does).

L.D Libra

Software Engineer

Brooklyn NY
May 17

L.D works across the technical stack at Daymaker, including product & project management. He's coded across half a dozen startups in NYC, gaining diverse experience in web development, but was pulled towards service and resource-sharing, finding an outlet for that in Daymaker. As a kid, his imagination was his primary playground, and it has remained a steady source of joy.

Chris Becker

VP of Operations

Atlanta, GA
October 10

Chris is the operations muscle keeping the Daymaker train on the tracks. Before joining, he started his career in investment banking at JP Morgan where he worked on corporate finance transactions. To this day, Chris loves football, basketball, and video games — all childhood interests of his that developed over countless days with his best friends.

Brent Macon

CEO & Big Little Kid

Atlanta, GA
February 18

Brent is the big little kid keeping the Daymaker team energized and moving in concert. Prior to joining, he worked at Uber and McKinsey with a focus on creating employment opportunities as automation changes the nature of work. His favorite game growing up was 2-on-1 driveway basketball with Dad and him dunking on the Little Tikes goal while older brother scored the big kid hoop, and he’s thrilled about getting to play with his own little one who arrived in Spring 2021!

Azizi Williams

Head of Nonprofit Partnerships

Atlanta, GA
June 1

Azizi is the people-to-process connector and digital media creator who keeps Daymaker’s essential nonprofit partnerships thriving. Her career began at Accenture, and includes communications, technology, and community engagement experience spanning both the private and nonprofit sectors. Azizi’s childhood was filled with dance classes, jumping double-dutch, reading books, and playing on the beach – all of which she still enjoys today.

Ari Brazier

VP of Products & Storytelling

Pittsburgh, PA
February 19

Ariana (Ari, aka Dr. Brazier) is the play expert and visionary strategist. Her doctorate in Critical & Cultural Studies centers Black children and families, housing insecurity and poverty, and cultural play practices. Ari's most joyful moments have typically involved competitive games like basketball or football with her three brothers and cousins, as well as "girl time" — crafting, walking, and community building — with her mama.

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