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our mission is to share the joy of creating possibilities for children

our why

We believe all children deserve consistent opportunities to learn, play, and explore.

Everything we do stems from this core belief. Our goal is to play a positive role in expanding children's access to resources and opportunities.

It's why we've designed a platform that allows nonprofits to build customizable wishlists with gifts and toys that fit children's interests, needs, and experiences.

It's why we've curated a list of over 115 inclusive book titles to share with the next generation of leaders: stories that inspire bravery and kindness, stories of new possibilities, stories that reflect our young readers’ unique identities.

It's why in 2022 we launched field trips and experiential gifts to provide more positive exposure to immersive learning opportunities, role models, and new possibilities.

And it's why our product is always evolving based on our nonprofit partners' feedback, to help them maximize resources for their youth and provide their critical services with more ease and less fundraising burden.

But we know we can't do it alone. We partner with amazing nonprofits and companies that are dedicated to supporting children's growth and exploration.

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Products we curate

Wherever possible, we prioritize diverse representation and source from independent, Black & Brown, and women-owned businesses.

Over 400 different products
Items that expand horizons
Tailored to the unique age and interests of kids we serve


Wireless earbuds and phone accessories

Sports Equipment

Outdoor play items

STEAM Activity Kits

Sparking technical skills and inspiration

Puzzles & Boardgames

High quality play-based learning


Over 150 total book titles for each campaign!

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